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20 small garden solutions to get the most from your space

26 April 2020

Don't discount your small garden! Good things come in small packages. You can have a stunning garden even if you only have a small space to work with. Check out these stunning garden solutions that will help you get the most out of your space!

small garden solutions

1) Multiple Uses

Create built in seating and garden beds. Even create garden beds built into your seating! Ponder ways you can use spaces in different ways.

small backyard design

2) Create Layers

Having layers in your outdoor space draws your eye and makes your space feel bigger. It also gives you more room to work with!

small backyard solution

3) Light it Up

Take advantage of natural lighting and use solar lighting to highlight tiers, features and plants.

small backyard design

4) Vertical Gardens

Save yourself on floor space with a vertical garden! It will also create a boundary that will make your yard feel bigger.

small garden solution

5) Spruce up your Fencing

Your fencing on a small yard can make you feel even more boxed in, spruce it up with plants or panels and create feature fencing.

small garden design

6) Work with Screens

Natural screens or feature panelling again draws your eye away from focusing on the size of the space and creates the illusion of more room.

small backyard ideas

7) Create a Flow Through your Doors

If your space is really tiny, make your yard and your h‚Äčome feel bigger by creating a flow between your indoor and outdoor living.

small backyard ideas

8) Make Full Use of your Property

Use your sideways to create more practical outdoor living spaces. Use tiers and natural screening to make the space feel bigger.

small garden solution

9) Use a Mirror!

This clever trick is not only a stunning feature for your yard but it instantly creates the feel of a bigger space.

small backyard ideas

10) Work with your Space

If you have a stunning tree in your little yard, use it to create a swing or place to relax.

small garden ideas

11) Create a Nook

If you already have a busy little garden, use the space to create a getaway nook! You'll feel like you're in paradise!

small backyard ideas

12) Colour, Contrast and Texture

Colour, contrast and texture are a feast for your eyes and can transform your small space into a work of art.

small backyard design

13) Use Shapes to Create Interest

Work with angles and shapes to create features and focal points in your space.

small backyard design

14) Go Up!

You might not have much to work with in terms of space, but you've doubled your area if you go up! Use the space above you to create features.

small garden solution

15) Get Creative

This tiny space has come to life with the use of colour, contrast and texture. The hanging chair creates a mini getaway feeling.

small garden design

16) Go Green!

Greenery opens up a space and makes you feel like you are in your own little oasis.

small backyard design

17) Make it Practical

You might not have a lot to work with but if the spaces you have created are practical, you will get the most out of your yard.

small garden ideas

18) Make it Cosy

You might not want to open up your space, instead opt for creating a cosy nook for you to snuggle up in.

small backyard ideas

19) Think Outside the Box

Think beyond the everyday landscaping you see. Design your own feature ideas and use the help of a landscaper to create it for you.

small backyard ideas

20) Make a Statement

It may be small but it can still take your breath away!

Share your small backyard ideas with us on our media. Share your thoughts on small backyard spaces below.