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28 August 2020

covid-19, business response to covid, coronavirus

Unfortunately, coronavirus in Queensland has begun to spread again on the Gold Coast. Due to this, we are providing an update.

We are still operating as usual while maintaining our Business Continuity Plan as outlined below:

Business Continuity Plan

  • Following Health Advice and keeping our team aware of hygiene and social distancing practices. We are stopping the spread by:
    • Cleaning hands regularly with soapy water or alcohol-based rubs,
    • Covering nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow to sneeze or cough,
    • Avoid touching face or shaking hands,
    • Stay at home as much as possible, and
    • Practising social distancing of staying 1.5m away from others.
  • We organise all materials and suppliers for you so you do not have to leave the house for purchases relating to your landscaping.
  • We have generated a design book and collected material colour charts and product information we can email to you so you do not need to visit suppliers. We will no longer be bringing this to site to avoid handling of paperwork, we will request your email to be provided to us prior to your appointment so we can send this information to you.
  • We offer estimates as an alternative to quoting. If you want to know more on how this works, see our FAQs page or go to our estimate request.
  • We are currently not attending on-site consultations to South Brisbane residents and are only offering estimates.
  • We offer measure and quotes for clients while practising social distancing. This involves staying 1.5m away, avoiding shaking hands or contact... just waves instead!
  • Social distancing is practised not only on your quote but also throughout your project. We will always be accessible to answer all your questions while respecting your distance. Alternatively, our office is open late to answer any enquiries you may have.
  • We make sure not only do we stay up to date with all the news, announcements and regulations but we also keep our team informed. This ensures they can put the health and hygiene practices in place while at work and in their personal lives. This reduces our chances of being impacted by the coronavirus.
  • Anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms will share this with us and will follow self-isolation rules and get tested. An all clear test result will be required before they can return to work. We are lucky enough that we have all been in good health due to our hygiene practices but if this changes in the future, all clients will be immediately informed.
  • Our policy has always been transparency and honesty with our clients every step of the way. This has not changed during this pandemic. We will always keep you informed of what is happening in our business and any impacts the coronavirus is having.