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FAQs - Ask a landscaping expert

Updated May 2020

Have a look here to see answers to frequently asked questions to learn more about us, your landscaping project, how we can help you or to ask a question of your own.

1) What services do you offer?

We specialise in all aspects of Structural Landscaping. We offer complete landscaping for all your needs. We handle new landscapes as well as renovations and offer all services from decking and timber works to tiling, paving, turf, fencing and more. We are a one stop service, we can handle all your needs.

We also handle softscaping to add the finishing touches to your new landscape. At this time, we do not offer maintenance or gardening services. This is something we are considering for the future so keep checking back! To see some of our services, have a look at our services page or get in touch to discuss your personalised service options.

2) Are you licensed and insured?

Expression Landscaping Pty Ltd is a registered company with an experienced director. We are completely licensed and insured with the appropriate ABN, CRN, QBCC licenses and liability insurance.

3) Do you have recommendations?

We have a testimonials page with some of the feedback we have received from clients and we also have recommendations via our facebook page and google business listing. We are proud to say we are rated 5 stars with no negative feedback.

4) What is involved in a free quote?

You will be booked in with our landscaping specialist who will come to you for a free design consultation, measure and quote. You can share all your ideas including plans, pictures or descriptions and our landscaper will help design your landscape with structural integrity, budget and codes and compliance in mind.

If you are unsure how you want to use your space, our landscaper will give you ideas on how to create the most usable spaces within your budget. To book a quote, please use our contact page.

5) How does a free estimate work?

You supply us with your ideas and measurements of your space via email or through our website and we provide you with a free estimate of the project costs. We recommend providing a budget, plan and images of your space to ensure you get an estimate that works for you.

We specialise in personalised services and designs so the more information you provide us, the easier it is for us to work with you to suggest a design and materials that stay within your budget. To get a free estimate, please head here.

6) What is involved in a design and/or design consultation?

If you are receiving an estimate, we use images of your space or your plan to create a landscape plan that stays within your budget, is structurally sound and long-lasting and creates the most usable space to meet your needs. At your quote, you will be provided the same service.

7) Will I ever be charged for a quote, estimate or design changes?

No, Expression Landscaping's quotes, estimates and design consultations are always free. We do not charge for design changes or quote alterations. We have specifically provided our estimate service to help you explore your options until you have a plan you are ready to move forward with.

8) What materials do you use?

Expression Landscaping offers services with a wide range of material options. We will only ever offer high quality materials from fair suppliers. You can view some of the options available in our Design Book, or send us an email to receive brochures from our suppliers.

9) How do I book in a project?

If you have received an estimate, you will receive a free appointment to conduct a final measure and design consultation to provide you with a final quoted price. After you have accepted your quote via email or phone call, we will send you an invoice that will state the scope of your works, commencement dates and payment schedule. Once you have paid your deposit, your project is locked in and you have secured your commencement dates.

10) How long is the waiting list?

This varies seasonally however generally you can expect 3-5 months of a waitlist. By accepting your quote and paying your deposit, your name is placed on the waiting list in line with an estimated commencement and you will receive regular updates. Due to weather considerations and potential project variations made by clients, we cannot provide an exact commencement prior.

11) Why do you have a waiting list?

Expression Landscaping prides ourselves on our quality service and installations, we will only book in projects that can be overseen by our Director to ensure quality control. We will continue to expand to meet demand while still ensuring we offer each and every client the personalised experience we are popular for.

12) What will my project cost?

Landscaping is individual and price varies with the scope of your work. Unlike most landscapers, we do not have standard installation prices, instead we offer individual prices for our clients to help them save money with their material choices. If you would like to learn more about what impacts landscaping costs, see our pricing page. We are currently introducing quoting software that will allow us to provide you a clearer idea of costs allowing for alterations and various design considerations at your appointment that will help you make your decision.

13) How do payments work?

A payment schedule is applied to your project depending on the size of your landscaping. For medium works, we ask for a 10% deposit to secure your commencement and you will be invoiced for the stages and materials as the job progresses. All payment schedules and payments are outlined in your invoice. Final payment is requested after the works are completely finished and our landscaper has taken you through the project.

14) How will my project progress?

You will have one point of contact for the duration of your project. We ensure your project will be completed from start to finish and you will not be left for days or weeks at a time with part project completion. We do offer staged works for clients who request it. You can book in your project in stages with individual payment schedules and commencements.

15) How long will it take to finish?

The duration is dependent on the scope of works and size of your project. You will receive an estimated duration on your invoice, typically works are finished earlier.

16) What if I have any questions before, during or after my project?

We are always available to answer any questions, our office is open late to accommodate any urgent enquiries, please email [email protected]. Please check your junk folder as sometimes emails end there. We answer all enquires as fast as possible but if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours, send a text to 0406 772 988 and we will forward your email to you again.

We are always available to our clients, even though your project may finish, our service with you does not. If you have a question that wasn't answered here, drop a comment below or send us an email.