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Pricing Guide

21 May 2020

What will my landscaping cost?

• We understand that budget is an important consideration in your project and is part of providing a personalised service. We encourage customers to let us know their budget when discussing landscape designs. This will ensure we help you plan a landscape that will be structurally sound, long lasting and won't break your bank! Too often, we see clients surprised by the cost landscaping involves and because we are in the know, we can recommend materials and designs to suit any budget and still give you the practicality and wow factor you are after.

• We pride ourselves on our transparency and our code of conduct. You are guaranteed a company you can trust. When considering a landscape project, ensure you have received a quote that includes all aspects of your landscaping. With Expression Landscaping, you can be guaranteed full discretion, what you are quoted is the final price and you will not be billed with any hidden costs.

• Only select landscapers that are licensed and qualified, often cheap quotes are cheap for a reason. Cutting corners such as using incorrect materials and preparation methods will bring your quote down but will leave you with a landscape that is not structurally sound or long lasting. See more tips on choosing the right landscaper... and not getting ripped off!

• Expression Landscaping holds our code of conduct very seriously and all decision making adheres to QBCC licensing and insurance requirements. We only use quality materials with every project and therefore will not recommend options that will lose you time and money. Our knowledge in the field can help you select high quality choices that suit your budget.

Landscaping as an investment

According to those in the property market, great landscaping can earn you anything from a 5 to 28% higher selling value. The more appealing your property is, the more interest you will have which will continue to drive up your property value. According to Australian realtors, standard landscaping like lawns and gardens add $50,000+ to your home and deck and patio areas add $100,000+.

A study from Michigan University found, the highest return on home improvement was landscaping with a 109% return on landscaping dollars spent. The standard rule of thumb is to expect full landscaping to cost 10% of the value of your home. See what landscaping will give you the biggest return here.

Budget considerations that may be helpful

1) Design: Expression Landscaping does not charge for design consultations at any time during your project, however some landscapers do. It is best to contact them directly to ensure you are aware of all costs up front. In addition, the complexity of your design and property structure can change your landscaping price. Ensuring the design is a quality design before commencement will save you time and money later.

2) Tradesmen: If you are requiring additional features such as fencing, drainage etc., your budget may increase if you are hiring multiple companies and tradesmen to complete your landscaping. Expression Landscaping can assist by offering a complete service so you do not have to juggle multiple tradesmen at your property. Hiring a qualified and licensed landscaper will ensure you are receiving a quality service.

3) Softscaping: This refers to all horticultural elements of your landscaping and your budget is impacted by which plants you select and how many you require. We will ensure all elements of your garden are suitable and long lasting.

4) Hardscaping: Most landscaping projects include some form of hardscaping and price varies according to the works you would like. Choosing between tiling, paving, decking, retaining walls and other structures is an individual choice and we can assist you in this decision. Although they may incur a higher cost, quality materials installed well will last and weather better than cheap materials.

5) Scale & Access: The more complex and the larger your landscaping is, the costlier. Considerations such as access will also impact your price. This is where design plays a crucial role, a great design can create usable spaces without unnecessary costs that could drive the price of your project up.

6) Quality: The greater focus on quality finish, the greater time will be spent completing your project. This will impact your labour costs for a landscaper. Expression Landscaping only deals with quality tradesmen and professionals and therefore will not cut corners to rush the finish of projects. We budget for our projects to ensure you receive landscaping in a timely manner that does not impact your quality finish.

Book in a free design consultation, measure and quote or get in touch to discuss your landscaping further. We also offer free estimates to help you design a landscape that meets your price, just send us what landscaping you are after, the scale and your budget and we will send you options that are within the price range you are looking for.

How we price our landscaping

1) Expression Landscaping does not offer what is termed "budget" landscaping. Too often we are called for quotes to replace failing retaining walls because they haven't been installed to code and don't include drainage and/or core filling. We help our clients save money by selecting quality materials in their budgets, however with budget landscapers, the price they give is achieved by:

  • not choosing quality materials,
  • installing without key structural processes that aren't seen but are felt later by the clients when their landscaping starts failing,
  • cutting corners during installation,
  • rushing the finish of the project and limiting man-power needed to save costs, and
  • not installing to a high-quality finish and disappearing before things can start going wrong.

2) Pricing for quality brings your costs up but also guarantees a long-lasting landscape. An example of this is our installation of Treated Pine Retaining Walls. You will receive a higher cost from us than most landscapers on the Gold Coast. This is because we will only install Treated Pine Retainers with galvanised steel posts rather than timber posts. Have you seen how common it is to have failing timber retaining walls only a few years, sometimes sooner, after install? Timber posts don't bear the weight well and don't last, if we can't guarantee it, we won't install it.

3) All inclusive, transparent quoting is what you receive from us. Our clients never receive additional bills later unless variances and extensions have been requested, priced and agreed to by the client before installation. Some landscapers keep their initial costs low and make up for it later by adding to their prices for "unforeseen circumstances". If a project is taking longer than predicted due to complications outside of the control of the client, you do not receive a bill from us. This is a part of our service to you and we will provide you with the landscaping you were promised.

4) We think about the now and the later. When we design a landscape, we do not only design it to suit your current needs, we take into consideration:

  • landscape heights and drainage solutions to ensure you don't end up flooded or with termites down the track,
  • we follow building code and regulations to ensure you don't get in trouble with council or have to take money off your property when selling later due to incorrect installations, and
  • we make you aware of all considerations of your landscaping choices to ensure you don't receive any surprises.

5) We guarantee satisfaction. We will not leave your site until we have 100% client satisfaction.