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All Expression Landscaping's paving and tiling is laid on concrete or mortar to ensure structural integrity and minimise movement over time. Laying pavers on concrete or mortar rather than on sand eliminates future problems of sinking pavers due to natural erosion of the sand. We also quote for excavation and preparation of your area to ensure your landscape finishes at the appropriate height.

Our Gold Coast Landscaping Team tile and pave pool surrounds, outdoor living spaces, feature walkways and steppers. We install pavers and tiles of any size to suit your style and budget. We offer designs that include negative space steppers with decorative pebble, grass or plants, french pattern and more.

We have provided some tile and paving options here and snapshots of some of our projects. Most pavers and tiles come in a variety of colours and textures and we could not include all your options. If you are after a specific look, get in touch with our landscaping team or show us a photo and we can find it for you. If you have an existing paved or tiled area, we can use pictures and our vast experience of landscape suppliers and materials to find it's match.



Because we install paving on concrete or mortar just like tiling, there is no significant differences between paving and tiling choices. It comes down to the finish you would like whether that be textured or a grouted look. Pavers are typically thicker and therefore are used for sideway steppers and features. For patio areas and pool surrounds, the choice is yours.

There are an abundance of tiling and paving options available to you and each paver and tile offers different colours, sizes and style choices. We can help you select your material by suggesting suppliers to visit and sending you colour charts. When choosing your material or discussing your choice with your landscaper, consider what you will use your space for, the size of the area, the light in the space, how it will flow from your house, your outdoor furniture and what style you would like your material installed in for example, French Pattern or Herringbone. If installing around a pool or planning a future renovation of your pool area, would you like the material to match and continue into this space? Would you like matching coping with a bull-nosed edge? Or are you after a seamless look right to the edge of your pool?

Installation Styles

In addition to the listing some of the paving and tiling options available to you, we have included a summary of some of the paving and tiling styles available for your Gold Coast landscaping project. Paving and tiling opens your backyard up to the possibility of exploring design, colour and contrast while creating usable living spaces. Here are some of the ways you can have your paving or tiling installed on the Gold Coast:

  • Stack Bond. This is what most people consider standard style paving or tiling. Pavers and tiles are laid side by side with edges meeting at all sides creating straight lines. This pattern can also be installed on an angle, creating what is called a Diamond pattern.
  • Basketweave. Here two pavers are laid side by side with edges meeting as described above. However, only two pavers are laid like this, the next two pavers are turned 90 degrees and laid side by side. This pattern is continued with every two pavers changing between horizontal and vertical.
  • Herringbone. A herringbone pattern is where a paver or tile is laid and the next paver or tile is laid with its smaller edge meeting the longer edge of the first on one side creating a kind of L shape. Herringbone can be laid like this in 90 or 45 degrees.
  • Stretcher Bond. This is another common pattern, the pavers or tiles are laid in a straight line, however the second column of pavers or tiles is laid with each starting at the centre of the paver or tile in the column next to it. This pattern can also be done horizontally or on an angle.
  • French Pattern. This is complicated pattern and not all pavers or tiles can be purchased in this pattern. This involves various squares and rectangles of different sizes that fit in together to create a repeating pattern on a larger scale.
  • Crazypave. This paving style is just how it sounds! Crazy! Pavers a laid without a specific pattern or formula and they create a mismatched, yet interlocked look.
  • Many, many more. There are also other styles and patterns options that can be created such as; in circular patterns, by using contrasting pavers or using borders, you can also select different styles and install these together and much, much more. If choosing a unique style, choose a landscaping company that specialises in customised works.

Expression Landscaping specialises in a personalised landscaping experience that emerges from our custom and feature designs and services. We design and install individual and unique landscapes for our clients to ensure they are getting the practicality and appeal they want out of their space. Contact us today for paving options on the Gold Coast or to share your own design with the team.


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Many people looking for paving on the Gold Coast are drawn to paving because of its natural appeal and practicality and rightfully so! Paving is one of the more cost effective ways to create outdoor living spaces as well as ease of access from one space to another. Paved steppers in sideways is a common landscaping choice on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, we are often being called to replace existing paving, installed most often on the Gold Coast, by others' that are only 1 or 2 years young. Here is why this is happening:

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Your tiling options are endless and it can be overwhelming. You may have easily found a look you like with a style and colour that matches your home and then gotten stuck when understanding the different tiling options available. Here we break down the different tiles popularly used on the Gold Coast.

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