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Top 10 Fencing Options

31 August 2020

Check out Top 10 Fencing Options to get you started on your landscaping project. Get in touch to discuss compliance, corresponding with your neighbour and how to start your project now!

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminium Pool Fencing is a popular choice for pool surrounds or properties with views. Outside of the Standard Flat Top Aluminium Pool Fence design, many people do not know there are actually many designs and styles. These include;

Loop Top Pool Fencing

Picket Top Pool Fencing

Eumundi Pool Fencing

And in terms of colour, there are even more options from Standard Black, Modern Greys through to creams. Get in touch to get a colour chart sent to you.

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Glass Pool Fencing

Another popular choice for pool surrounds that provide an elegant and classy look. There are two major options with glass pool fencing; frameless and semi-frameless.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is installed with spigots at the bottom of the glass ensuring your view isn't impacted. Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fencing includes posts that act as a frame.

Due to the lack of significant price differences, our vote is always on Frameless Glass Pool Fencing!


Colourbond fencing can be seen everywhere and is a popular choice for boundaries. You can also select between different design options such as Trimclad, Metline, Metzag and more. In addition, colourbond also has accessories such as Lattice Panels and Matching Gates. Posts and panels can become features when playing with colour charts. Get in touch to receive a colour chart for your Colourbond Fencing options.

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Timber Fencing

With timber fencing, people generally think the standard pine fencing. However, there are so many options with Timber including hardwood. Hardwood posts make great features for Aluminium Pool Fencing. Timber fences can also be custom made, change the size of your palings or the space between them and create colonial styled fencing, lapped and capped or your own unique design.

If opting for Treated Pine, use white paint and create a picket fence look! The possibilities are endless! We specialise in custom designs so get in touch to discuss your ideas and we can help you design your fence.

Block Walls

Block walls are great for their high level of security and individualised designs. With rendering, you can create a wall to match your house or stand out as a stunning feature.

Include slats in between pillars and for your gate to create another stunning feature and beautiful contrast.

Use lighting and build in your letter box for an added design and convenience. 

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modular fencing


Modular fencing is another option that is beginning to boom. It is recommended for its high noise reduction benefits for people on busy roads or with loud neighbours! Choose from a range of options and designs with this versatile choice. It can be installed by a professional or purchased in DIY kits. Head to our DIY consultation service request and get help on your project.

PVC Fencing

This is another type of fencing that has been popping up more and more frequently with options to suit needs of partial or full privacy, pool compliance or design such as picket fencing. While it is becoming popular for being a low-maintenance fencing, it is definitely not a favourite of ours as we prefer the look and feel of natural materials!

pvc fencing
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Slat Fencing

Slat fencing creates a stunning appeal and can be used for the whole fence or as features such as with block walls mentioned above. Slat fencing is a great choice for the front yard and is provides partial privacy and gives you security while not completely blocking your curb appeal from view. With a range of colours and designs, this again provides a great versatile fencing option.

Privacy Screens

We had to add this as an option as many people do not want to replace there whole fences or want to create a real feature space in their yard. Privacy screens can be created from feature panels, plants or custom timber or steel posts. They are also a great option for creating separate living areas outdoors and creating a cosy feel for your patio.

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Feature Fencing

Depending on what company you choose, your fencing can become a feature through custom designs. The possibilities are endless and depending on your budget, you can create a unique and stunning design from any material you choose. Get in touch with us today to discuss your custom fencing options, matching gates or standard installations.