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Top 10 ideas for a low maintenance yard

31 August 2020

Don't want to spend hours of your precious time maintaining your yard instead of enjoying it? We get it! Explore ideas for creating a low-maintenance space. Here you'll find ideas to suit any budget or style!

Idea 1: Artificial Grass

While not the cheapest solution, the investment is surely worth it! Once installed, instead of dragging the mower out on the weekend, you'll spend it watching the children chase each other over your grass.

Idea 2: Pebbles

Although pricier than mulch, in the long run it is the best choice for low-maintenance. Mulch can fade quickly and to maintain its appearance needs replacing. However, pebbles create a lasting look and with just a quick hose maintain their appearance. If you're not a green thumb and have hardier plants, this could be the solution for you.

Idea 3: Irrigation or pot it

Depending on the size of your yard and your needs, an irrigation system can be a simple solution to maintaining your grass or gardens and save you time with watering. Choosing the right system is also a great environmentally friendly choice! For a cheaper option, use pots to minimise the watering space.

Idea 4: Composite Decking

If you love timber patios and living spaces but hate the maintenance, composite decking is for you! As technology improves, composite decking is evolving to be more scratch and weather resistant and is becoming a popular choice for Gold Coasters who love to entertain outdoors.

Idea 5: Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating outdoor living spaces not only gives you an extension of your home but it also provides the opportunity to select hardy stone pavers to create a low-maintenance, usable space. Hardscaping can dramatically decrease the maintenance of your yard while giving you a stunning space.

Idea 6: Hardy Plants & Natives

If you still want to have beautiful gardens, do a lot of research on the plants you are selecting or bring in a professional to help. Hardy plants such as Xanados require little to no maintenance, grow well and do not require much pruning and when planted in a uniform line, look amazing! You will also avoid a yard full of leaves. Steer clear of Bamboo and Hedges that require a lot of maintenance and cleaning.

Idea 7: Create Pathways

Limit the amount of lawn or garden space by creating feature pathways with negative space pebble features. It is also a great way to create usable and stunning sideways that won't have to be attended too!

Idea 8: Preparation!

Ensure all spaces in your yard have been prepared properly including geofabric to prevent weeds and considering drainage. Nothing is worse than setting up your space and a few weeks later having a garden full of weeds and a flooded sideway to deal with!

Idea 9: Decorate

Add your own unique look to the space with sculptures and decorations that won't take up your time but will add to the appeal of your space.

Idea 10: Mind your furniture

Select your outdoor furniture and features carefully. Painting or staining furniture requires regular upkeep. Choose hardwood options and create a patio area with cover to keep your furniture from being weathered.